👣 Pedicure Tutorial: How to Cut Long Curled Trumpet Toenails 👣

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👣 Pedicure Tutorial: How to Cut Long Curled Trumpet Toenails 👣

This video is about Pedicure Tutorial: How to Cut Long Curled Pinched Toenails. m Lori Halloway known as the meticulous manicurist on youtube and an expert in the field of nail technology specializing in pedicures. I share my 25+ years of knowledge and spread awareness about the importance of foot and nail care. If your new here, welcome, please subscribe and turn on your notifications in case you are chosen as a winner in my random comment game. I love hearing everything you have to say, it helps me plan the content I create for you. Do you need help with something? You can tell me what your biggest concern is in the comments so I can address it in an upcoming video!
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Many people hide their toenails and need help to cut the nails. When nails get long and squeeze or turn into trumpet nails it is hard to cut the toenails. Sometimes the best solution is to get a pedicure in the salon and then try to maintain the results at home with a home pedicure. Trumpet or pincer nails often lead to an ingrown toenail. People can feel the sidewall of the nail pressing into the center of the nail bed in an unnatural position. You can clean the ingrown toenail sidewall area to help the toe feel better.

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