2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

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2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights

Ferrari had been fastest so far in Baku – could the rest close the gap before qualifying?

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‫32 تعليقات

‫32 تعليقات

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  1. jp قال:

    When FP3 was more exciting than the race itself

  2. Can formula 2 go to the same races that the formula one races

  3. Alexshowa قال:

    Even i am an italian man. not for Ferrari, i have to think that Maurizio Arrivabene, the precedent chair man of Ferrari was the best one ……..

  4. This video is way too short

  5. cholo 68 قال:

    per tutti gli esperti compresi gli agnelli e elkan , rimbambiti volete una macchina vincente ce un certo signore da contattare che si chiama gordon murray

  6. Slam Down قال:

    ♫ Hi @F1 What's the music called? ♪

  7. Ferrari gonna burn out their turbos in practice sessions ha ha lmao ha ha ha Love Savage Godlike lol ha ha 😀 they tha best when it absolutely doesn't count ha ha lmao ha ha ha Love Savage Godlike ha ha lmao ha ha ha 😀

  8. When are they going to replace Gasly…..Jesus. Kyvat is doing a much better job. Other options out there

  9. In the straight we can see, mercedes is faster

  10. Its not sandbagging when mercedes was testing out the cars pace. They know they have a good car but sandbagging? Nah. Just more testing and testing. While Ferrari? Theyre fast but since theur data isnt as good. Well thats why theyre always slower than mercee

  11. Williams feels good much slower than before…Amazing

  12. zaid Khan قال:

    Ferrari, the undisputed champions of Free practice 👍🏿

  13. splash قال:

    When it comes to Q3, Mercedes will cut loose the sandbags!!

  14. If only BMW could return – try work things out with Williams- we need a BMW engine + Box in F1- spinoffs for them in LeMans & furture M'cars – Look how VW has chopped up the Bugatti engine to make the new GTI and Audi engines- 500hp GTI's?- all of a sudden? it has to be the Bugatti motor chopped up to make smaller units like they can adapt one chassis for nearly all their cars- so the benefits are are there

  15. Topman2123 قال:

    F1: Ferrari have the pace
    Mercedes: hold my beer

  16. I hope Ferrari does not screw up everything again

  17. "For the second session in a row Ferrari's were the quickest" 👌🤣 I've heard that 4 times before. I am not buying that shit.

  18. The Gamer قال:

    Why Is Gasly Driving For Red Bull He's So Bad

  19. No more words. Go HONDA!!!

  20. Kvyat with Patrick's voice: I'm so close of my new Reb Bull contract

    That I can almost taste it

    (Licks the RB15)

  21. Little Ray قال:

    Were is Max help were the hell is his teammate

  22. Oh If Max Verstappen had Hamilton's car.

  23. If Mercedes decides to axe Bottas, I'd really recommend him to go rallying. Just look at him doing the useful spin, unlike a certain Ferrari driver.

  24. honesty at this point im sick of mercedes they make the sport so predictable wanna see other teams competing for the title ferrari seem to ruin every chance they get red bull are too slow , the best thing so far in this season has been the midfield fight truly exciting to watch . ferrari seem to have the pace at certain tracks but really either mess up on strategy or have reliability issues we wanna see charles scoring wins

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