2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Valtteri Bottas' Pole Lap | Pirelli

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2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Valtteri Bottas' Pole Lap | Pirelli

The Finn blasted his way around the Shanghai International Circuit to take a seventh career pole, and his first Pirelli Pole Position Award of the season.

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‫45 تعليقات

‫45 تعليقات

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  1. GTS Guy قال:

    Something about that car does not sound healthy. Its like the clutch is slipping on the upshifts or something.

  2. IT IS VEEERY COOL MAN ⚡️ Keep doing ⚡ I did a MONACO-Travel Video!

  3. Bien por botas pero mañana para ganarle a Hamilton tiene que hacer una excelente carrera

  4. David قال:

    I welcome that experience.

  5. great video, thanks liberty media. Please include telemetry in the future. Keep up the good work.

  6. Boa قال:

    0:51 They take that double left corner so quickly it’s actually impossible in the f1 games

  7. 212 قال:

    Last corner before start lap : 5th gear
    Last corner in quali lap : 4th gear

  8. شكرا على هذه القناة الرائعة F1

  9. Cool Mercedes Fährt Richtig schön und gut.Ich habe F1 (2019) Für die PS4

  10. William قال:

    BOTTAS 2019 CHAMPION. what an amazingly clean pole

  11. Prezza 360 قال:

    Tbh in f1 2018 this is my least favourite tracks because for me the turns seem alien to me

  12. Why the first DRS zone wasn't extended

  13. big bird قال:

    Under in the slow stuff

  14. Pundits: The old Bottas is back in Bahrain I expect him in China to.
    Bottas, Hold my Porridge 🥣

  15. That’s what I like to hear! That’s what I like to see! Well done Valtteri Bottas great job mate.
    I’m cheering on Vettel and Bottas this afternoon. Can we get two video comparisons please F1?
    Bottas vs Hamilton Q3, Bottas vs Vettel Q3 I want to see exactly where Bottas found his time compared to these 2 guys. Because Vettel was matching them in 1 and 2 but lost 2.5 or so in 3.

  16. Hope he wins the race

  17. David F قال:

    Who makes it outta turn 1,2,3 in first place? Can't wait

  18. xRays6 قال:

    Quality internet video.

  19. Carlitox b قال:

    beard power 😏

  20. V12Style قال:


  21. The Ferrari is actually quite difficult to drive in long turns (infield). And with difficult I mean that both drivers have to push very hard to keep up with the Mercedes and despite that they still can't go the same pace as Merc. Ferrari only have top speed which they were always great at. Alonso was also desperate back then which is the reason why he wished himself a Red Bull for Xmas. 😀 Mercedes is the RBR of 2010-2013 but with other technique. The car has great aerodynamics and decent speed.

    Remember Vettel and Webber having great aerodynamics with their RBRs? Ferrari and McLaren had better top speed. Vettel was faster infield through turns but on straights the Ferrari and McLaren were catching up. I remember so many races from 2010 until 2013 where Vettel had to pull off some outstanding performances in his car to increase the gap while driving through the infield to compensate the lack of top speed on the straights and Alonso complaining that he can't overtake Vettel because he is losing always time through corners and the gap before both went on the straight was just enough so that Alonso was close at the end of the straight but not close enough to overtake. 😛

    Ferrari really has to improve on their aerodynamics. Once they realize that top speed isn't the most important thing, we will actually see a great battle between SV and LH.

  22. I wanna see the G's being pulled and the speed!!

    It's like he has a grip glitch!

  24. Steve C قال:

    Yes, well done guys

  25. Bottas finally has realized his job is up for grabs.he ain't got nothing to lose in my eyes.ocon is waiting to be the new wingman.soon it's going to be "Esteban its James"

  26. Ctz قال:

    bot year

  27. So glad he is on my fantasy f1 team, great job Valtteri!

  28. Anyone realised he didnt use much kerbs on the corners and still get a fast lap? is everyone else doing the same?

  29. Lewis for the win, Vettel podium

  30. Mercedes is so good at corners

  31. too easy to handle. take all aerodynamics out

  32. Oh I long for the days of the V10 howl….I so wish a solution could be found where they (or V12s) in cutting edge form could return…Just imagine if the money that has been thrown at these stunning (but boring) hybrid V6s had just be continuously been thrown at the na 3.0L V10s since they went…where would they be now…22000 rpm? 1200 hp?..hmmmmm

  33. New World قال:

    When is Bottas returning his car to Hamilton?

  34. That's the second pole Valtteri!


  35. DeAn H قال:

    That was smooth as hell, but iiss the days of seeing drivers struggle in the V12 turbo monsters

  36. Vectro666 قال:

    Telemetry, its James.

  37. what to say. Valtteri can drive this car. flying lap. amazing to watch this 2019

  38. I would like to see the speedo and other telemetry data!

  39. EMURETRO قال:

    Tomorrow Ferrari eat Mercedes.

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