American Idol Top 20 Finalists Season 17 | American Idol Results 2019

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American Idol Top 20 Finalists Season 17 | American Idol Results 2019

Hollywood week and the top 40 are complete and the results are in. The American Idol judges have selected the top 20 finalists that will advance to the next round.

During the next round, the finalists compete in group and solo performances as well as celebrity duets. Six of the finalists will not advance while the rest will move to the American Idol live shows as part of the top 14.

Watch to see which finalists made it through or read further to see if your favorite made the cut.

America Idol top 20 finalists season 17:

Alejandro Aranda – Pomona, Calif.
Alyssa Raghu – Orlando, Fla.
Ashley Hess – Fremont, Calif.
Bumbly – New York, N.Y.
Dimitrius Graham – Baltimore, Md.
Eddie Island – Nashville, Tenn.
Evelyn Cormier – Claremont, N.H.
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – Catonsville, Md.
Kate Barnette – Kennesaw, Ga.
Laci Kaye Booth – Livingston, Tex.
Laine Hardy – Livingston, La.
Logan Johnson – Boise, Idaho
Madison Vandenburg – Cohoes, N.Y.
Raquel Trinidad – Tampa, Fla.
Riley Thompson – Mabank, Tex.
Ryan Hammond – Modesto, Calif.
Shawn Robinson – Atlanta, Ga.
Uché – Sugar Land, Tex.
Wade Cota – Phoenix, Ariz.
Walker Burroughs – Birmingham, Ala.
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‫42 تعليقات

‫42 تعليقات

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  1. Uche and alejandro my best 2 picks

  2. can you make one for the top 14 next pleassse <3 thanks for always making these!

  3. Laine and ,Alejandro ,top 2..

  4. Nick Merico didn't got through?

  5. Notice the judges critic & give advice to most contestants but take notes from Alejandro.
    Everyone besides Alejandro is a Great Singer.
    Alejandro is the Full Package, Real Deal ready to go top the charts with originals sung
    Heard til now.
    Guys beyond talented

  6. My favorites: Ryan, Laci, Riley, Alejandro, uche, Evelyn and i Miss you Margie Mays

  7. Madison wade Ryan jeremiah should be top 4 for sure everybody else isn't quite ready

  8. Laine complete package..Looks, appeal, voice…Next idol in d making!

  9. I expect Ashley will be catching up with Alejandro during 'Disney Week'. She's already got a medley of Disney you can view.

  10. Alejandro all the way! Simple yet mersmerizing and pleasing to the ears. His voice and presence alone topples all the competitors

  11. What a fantastic top 20 wowzers 😍😍

  12. Rex Rey قال:

    Ale Alejandro sure win

  13. If bumbly makes it through im gonna stop watching, she is clearly the worst

  14. Cole King قال:

    Alejandro wins easy! No competition no comparison!

  15. Old Seer قال:

    I see some entertainers but NO super star in the whole bunch. Worst selections by American Idols judges.. Where's a Maddie? Not anywhere among these artists.

  16. Erin K قال:

    No to Uche!

  17. Everyone is so niteclub karaoke sound except alehandro. Hes the only one who has a studio sounding voice. Im sorry i dont mean to bash the others but alahandro is like sprinting the 200 yd dash and everyone is so far far behind him. Im a musician myself and i know studio voice when i hear it and alahandro just got his own unique sound, the others should go home already. We found the idol and its alahandro.

  18. Mikey M قال:

    Evelyn Cormier should have gone home and shayy should have replaced her

  19. Jan Kufner قال:

    I love wade coda he is so original

  20. Appreciated very much your presentation of top 20..was able to familiarize the names and faces.

  21. Amelia C. قال:

    ❤️ Jeremiah

  22. American Idol really screwed up when they didn't keep that girl who had just got engaged. She was SO MUCH better than some of the ones they kept in the top 20.

  23. Alejandro Win best Vocal in the American Idol 2019

  24. n Sj قال:

    Emma should’ve made it in place of Bumbly

  25. n Sj قال:

    Jeremiah, Alejandro, Madison and Ashley and Walker

  26. Dean Goss قال:

    Jeremy Lloyd Harmon gets my vote…….

  27. Modesto love your voice xo

  28. Love Laci's voice… raspy.

  29. I'm for Alejandro, Ashley, Riley, Ryan & Wade. 💖 I mean, this is really a good batch of idols! So excited.

  30. For me, Madison and Alejandro are the best … I hope to see both in the grande finale ❤️🥰

  31. These fools who lost once shouldn't be able to take spots from newcomers

  32. My two favorites are Evelyn Cormier and Raquel Trinidad.

  33. The return of the White boys with guitars

  34. Woooow they got really good ones

  35. I like laine and jeremiah❤️❤️(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))❤️❤️

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