Best Rallies of Wimbledon 2019

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Best Rallies of Wimbledon 2019

This is the official Wimbledon YouTube page. The Championships 2019 will run from 1 July – 14 July. To join the Wimbledon story this year, visit

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‫23 تعليقات

‫23 تعليقات

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  1. Dropxy01 قال:

    Whats the name of the song? 😀

  2. Matt Clark قال:

    I'm sorry, but did they really say "oh, that is rare for Nadal to be outdueled at the net" when he's playing Federer?

  3. Who cares about female tennis…

  4. At 7:34 all the people who think that’s amazing by Halep have they never seen Nadal play a match

  5. Facing Andy Murray book $9.99 @amazon

  6. Me after 8:34 now that's what i am talking about.

  7. scrappy قال:

    1:50 the most boring rally

  8. I’ve been waited for this!!

  9. I'm no tennis expert, but why don't they just do the winning line shots earlier?

  10. The sound that male tennis players make when they hit the ball is like waking up a homeless drug addict

  11. Dave H قال:

    It has distracting music because non tennis players post this stuff.

  12. Benja قال:

    Wimbledon hate Djokovic


  14. Never knew tennis can be this interesting ! Loved it !

  15. The tennis this year at Wimbledon is some of the best we’ve seen at any of the four Slams in last few years. Possibly ever?

  16. Ethan Roe قال:

    Honestly absolutely gutted federer didn’t win especially after 2 championship point son his serve. Djokovic is just the king of mental strength and never giving up. Whoever wins the most grand slams (my bet is djokovic), the big 3 will always be remembered as the best ever and all have a claim to being the best ever. If Djokovic plays until 37/ 38 and still wins I’ll hold my hands up and say he’s the greatest but for me Federer is defying physics doing what he is doing.

  17. whats with all the womens rallies?

  18. Kade McCay قال:

    Everyone is complaining about how the crowd was only cheering Federer and against Djokovic. But that isn't the crowd's fault, it's kind of Djokovic's. Federer is so popular because of all the hard work he has put in, struggles he has had and pure skill. Give Federer credit for how good he is and maybe Djokovic could change his celebrations and other things that decrease his popularity.

  19. slynomics قال:

    Why is Roger in the thumbnail when novak won the title. Fu wimbledon

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