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00:00 Sonic The Hedgehog
02:45 Fast & Furious 9 Hobbs & Shaw
06:22 Joker
08:47 Star Wars 9 The Rise Of Skywalker
10:50 The Lion King
12:36 Child’s Play
14:22 Gemini Man
16:21 Men In Black 4
18:55 X-Men Dark Phoenix
20:47 The Addams Family
22:00 21 Bridges
24:36 My Spy
26:46 The Secret Life of Pets 2
29:33 Playmobil The Movie
32:03 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
34:14 Pokemon Detective Pikachu
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‫49 تعليقات

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  1. Illumination was sick as fuck. 😂😂😂😂

  2. why is the sonic movie first or even in this ???

  3. I would like the sonic one, but…

    The teeth…

  4. Best Movie Trailer with Blue Hedgehog on it. Don't make us Laught so Hard!!!

  5. filmflour قال:

    Sonic reminds me of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

  6. cant believe i almost cried during the lion king trailer. its nice to be reminded youre human every once in a while

  7. Best Upcoming Movies!!

    Sonic: hold my drink

  8. sonic fico zika e esses corno dizendo que n ficou bom

  9. 17:07 en primera ya nadie tiene esos jugetes,,,,lo fuerzan demasiado la historia….

  10. This is why this is bad

  11. He can't dodge a dart but he can stop time?

  12. Only question I have is where the hell is Tails

  13. GAUSSIANOS قال:

    that bad …………

  14. Don't worry Sonic's gonna look better they said they will change his style

  15. the truth قال:

    Wtf happen to chucky?? He looks like seth green with jame Franco… 😔😔

  16. S.N.T=secure it neutralize it see what makes it tick

  17. Oh come on pokèmon movie is better than this grows movie 😨

  18. looking forward for this crazy fiction

  19. seriously… no 2 is BULLSHIT. i don't wanna waste my time on watching this…let alone my hard work money.

  20. ren gar قال:

    Black ash,,,,lol

  21. Well. hopefully xmen gets quicksilver right, cause that shit was lame af in age of ultron.

  22. law ben قال:

    That not sonic,is saNic

  23. Jayesh Mer قال:

    Lion King the epic movie… I am waiting…

  24. Cold Boy قال:

    Godzilla king of the monster in 32:03

  25. Aril27 قال:


  26. Pointing out a person who's bad but never asking what made him bad….it's the life of "Joker"……and I love him

  27. 25yunt قال:

    jim carry

  28. 8Nose Eson قال:

    I like godzilla

  29. Will Smith, The Rock, Bautista, Tessa Thompson/Liam Neesem, Jim Carrey and killer doll Chucky….I'm there!

  30. Would like to hear something for Shrek 5

  31. whats the name of the background song in the for the first trailer

  32. Who want watch that best movie ever if agree like my comment

  33. Yve M. قال:

    In my opinion, maybe, Jason Momoa should've had a a cameo appearance in this movie as one of his brothers.

  34. Awais Syal قال:

    it says "BEST UPCOMING MOVIE TRAILERS" in the title so why is the sonic movie first or even in it

  35. wow sonic new Version is so cool I waiting this movies please make the fast 🙂

  36. Pedro Sk قال:

    Sonic from the deep web '-

    only that ..

  37. MIB International?

    More like The Rise Revenger

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