Brazil v Jamaica – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

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Brazil v Jamaica – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

Cristiane scored a hat-trick as Brazil kicked off their FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ campaign with a victory over tournament debutants Jamaica.

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‫29 تعليقات

‫29 تعليقات

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  1. Ça fait 3 match de la soupe du monde que je regarde il y a penalty et les gardiennes arrête les pénalty
    – Les tireuse ne savent pas tirer
    – Les gardiennes sont les meilleures

  2. Women's WC in France 2019. Totally corrupted. Same the referees!!!

  3. RealTimeX قال:

    Christiane is dangerous

  4. Jamaican goal keeper was amazing

  5. kd l قال:

    That goalkeeper though.

  6. Ham10 قال:

    What is so bad about transparency?, if the V.A.R is about transparency why not
    include the coaches to see the clearer result and or reason for the final
    decision, the ref may just take V.A.R word for it, after all she or he does not have a dog in the current fight. Seeing that this was not thought of in the V.A.R processing, it seems to me that this is just another way to get the biggest crowd rather than the best players in the Stadium. (By way of frustration that is.)

    This led me to believe that this is a system that is invented to change a game
    (the actual soccer game) that is getting away from the finger picked.

    If the final result is left in the hands of a few faceless and maybe heartless
    folks sitting in a small room, players will always be reluctant, and thinking
    "what if", thou it seems to me, that is just the idea anyway, to expel confident
    players from the world scene. (Fingered picks rather).

    Finally, V.A.R does not take into consideration what a player had to do sometimes
    to protect their body from a somewhat careless tackle,(a runaway train if I may say).

    If it is a jury I think all team should have one from their peer.
    What it comes down to… is trust. Who is trustworthy? (Please stand up).

    V.A.R., CAMS or PHOTOSHOP?, didn't think we needed more cams but there is certainly more rooms for the latter.

    Replays will not blind us, but Photoshop type equipment surely will.

  7. SOULREAVER قال:

    Love you Jamaican Goalie 🙂

  8. kakarat234 قال:

    Brazil is my team and taking it this cup. Jamaica will always be my second team

  9. Tim Smith قال:

    Just hit the ball at the woman's arm she had no time to move her arm oh well from next season you will see many players deliberately hitting the ball at players arms looking for a penalty

  10. Shouldnt they exchange jersey as a gesture of appreciation..? Hmmmmmmmm

  11. Man this gives me goosebumps watching this …,female soccer has evolved into a completely different stratosphere 🔥🔥🔥🔥😇 these girls can play ⚽️

  12. Africa versus Afrika.

  13. Kenw KLS قال:

    urmm…why does jamaica have a german goalkeeper?

  14. The jamaican goally is beautiful

  15. Some of these penalty calls by the refs or because of the new rules are absolutely mind boggling. If a ball is kicked at you from 2-3 feet away at speed and it hits your arm or elbow…HOW IS THAT A PENALTY? You have no time to move your arm out of the way and no idea of the flight of the ball. It seems as if every ball to hand moment is being given as a penalty….just to liven the games up a bit….at the expense of fairness. What ever happened to common sense in football? These rules might bring more goals but but they also bring a lot more controversy into the game.


  16. Damn those Brazilian girls aren't messing around.

  17. Ak S قال:

    Pause at 1:47. Look at that stretch of the goalie how she bends backwords. Daaammmnnn.

  18. 1:08 bruh the keeper ran al the way to the side before the shot and she shot there anyways

  19. Sidney Schneider very beautiful goalkeeper

  20. Jamaica goalkeeper is so beautiful and so good at what she does she is amazing I hope she comes to play for an American team

  21. lily xoxo قال:

    really good goalkeeper

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