Britain's Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 2 | Got Talent Global

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Britain's Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 2 | Got Talent Global

Watch the best and worst auditions from week 2 of Britain’s Got Talent 2019!

Including performances by:

Kojo Anim
Guy First
Jump Revolution
Jonathan Goodwin
Kerr James
Sheila Simmons
Greg and Mr Bones
Yours Truly
Igor Outkine
VJ Clarke

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‫42 تعليقات

‫42 تعليقات

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  1. Well deserved Golden Buzzer for KoJo from Simon, great job.

  2. Yang buat AGT dan BGT bertahan ttp eksis adalah karena ke-4 juri nya ini masih di pertahankan.

  3. a girl قال:

    How do these ppl feel like waiting all day coming to such a big show and doing such lame and average performances. I dont get it…

  4. πάτερ τελείωσαν οι.εξετασεις
    είμαι καλά Δοξασμενο το Όνομα του Κυριου

  5. I really love david, the jokes are very natural. 😄 – from Philippines

  6. I just love the guy in the white mask

  7. Anna Fs قال:

    Omg. I really like how simon press the golden buzzer on the comedian. The second guy😊 i love simon

  8. What’s the name of the songs at the end of the 1989 thing

  9. Fun Knee قال:

    Love bgt.. but Stephen is annoying, he ruins it.

  10. 63 yr old voice is nearly gone from all of the years of steroids.

  11. ursidehoe قال:

    “a 69… they still do it”

  12. I'm Chief Daniels from Ghana 🇬🇭.. Amazing acts on BGT.

  13. Ant and Deck are great- can’t stand the new guy

  14. Hahah love train one of my favourite songs:-P

  15. I'm from America, but I REALLY love Britain's got talent!!!

  16. Simon has become soft after being a father…

  17. You know when Simon pushes the golden button, you are something special!!

  18. idk but i'm in love with david he's cute af and his personality is a 10/10 uwu

  19. maganalia قال:

    The straight jacket is put on differently than it was on the presenter. The performer has it on so he can put his right arm over his head. The presenter had his hands tucked under his arms.

  20. M Ean قال:

    Cowel : I don't like comedians on this show but …. 💛

  21. That backstage guy is soooooo annoying. Oh my God. What the hell is he doing there? He's so unnecessary. Dec and Ant are so much better.

  22. lavencha قال:

    So… has anyone made an edited version of these videos where the segments with the third 'backstage' guy has been edited out yet? Please paste the links? I hate skipping

  23. You gotta try a little tenderness, the chicks love that romantic crap.

  24. The worst judge I have seen is Simon.

  25. the. Russia's are good in all sports…..jumping dance cord is good to that group

  26. Majus قال:

    the 1989 connection guy was fuking amazing for some reason he reminded me of watch dogs 2

  27. i hate singers on got talent , just go to some singing show

  28. Ben G قال:

    Ant and Dec's 1989 connection is super creepy y'all.

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