Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Transplant)👍😍😷

Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Transplant)👍😍😷

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We can say that the emotional aspects of living with hair loss are extremely difficult for both men and women.

Although it is more common in men, hair loss and subsequent baldness can be observed in women because of the obvious reasons for being more stressful.

Although baldness is caused by age, environmental factors may also be one of the reasons. This causes a person to remain insecure, even though individuality is superior to everything in his life.

In hair transplantation, the aim is to transport the person’s own healthy hair to the area where the hair loss or dilution occurs.

In certain areas behind the head, there are hairs that are genetically resistant to loss, as opposed to the upper and anterior parts of the head. In this process, healthy hair follicles in this area are planted in the area where dilution, shedding and baldness are observed.

The selection of the right and good hair transplantation center and the experienced hair transplantation will be an important factor in finding a natural and permanent solution for the patient considering all the mentioned factors.

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