How to use SOME & ANY | English Lesson

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How to use SOME & ANY | English Lesson

What’s the difference between SOME and ANY? How can you avoid making mistakes? Which is correct? We’ll go over everything you need to know about these confusing English words in this grammar lesson!
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SOME or ANY? | English Grammar Lesson

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‫46 تعليقات

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  1. A very good explanation Emma… Great video.

  2. you totally nailed it Emma👏🏻👌🏻 Bravo!

  3. I thank you in advance, for your English lesson that makes me deepen the language.

  4. Thanks Emma, plz. we need some lessons in how to take minute meetings .. (I'm an executive Secretary) thank you very very much.

  5. Hi emma u r so swt and so beautyful and best teaches
    I am from pakistan.
    can u come to pakistan.
    If u lockingmy country please contact me

  6. i can’t find any words to describe your kindness. Is that right?

  7. Can u give me some lesson on determiner ur way of teaching is awesome mam it's very helpful

  8. NIKO VAL قال:

    OMG those exceptions are great. Thanks.

  9. my mother likes any kind of fruit
    let's get some soda from the fridge!
    neighbor would you give me some salt?
    my cousin never has any time for going to play football on saturdays

  10. Hi Emma. Honestly I succeded the quiz. there are five exceptions for any and some.

  11. thank you Emma for this nice lesson…. now I have no confusion about the uses of some or any…….. and yesss you are looking so nice 🌸

  12. I like this lesson as usual 👌 I got three wrong which is not bad at all.

  13. Hameed Jan قال:

    Emma love u my teacher

  14. Hi Emma! What about the word IF, could I say: If there's ANY problem…just let me know

  15. Thank you Anna so much. I think you are a great teacher.

  16. I love to write some comments about this lesson but I don’t have any idea about it but because you need some kind of words for evaluating me I’m going to say something funny 😄 my brother has some good things about his job every night but my sister and low doesn’t have any time to hear his voice.

  17. eddy Gauna قال:

    Why do you have to be so beautiful??

  18. To be honest, Imbibing from your fruitful vedios is the lucrative way to groom up English skills.
    Can you teach or make vedio about phonetics. Please😑🤔
    💁‍♂️I want to learn it.👈

  19. Hey there I'm pedro from india.Thank you ma'am for your service

  20. If you don't mind madam I want to learn on line

  21. mlh3 mlh قال:

    I don't clear how to use between any or some in a sentence before. Now, I know it clearly . Billions thank

  22. You mine favorite teacher! And so pretty girl keep going like this I appreciate it..!

  23. rcxmanking قال:

    I came here for Your beauty.who cares english😂

  24. such a charmin woman,Love yaaaa EMMA you are the besttt 🙂

  25. Bon Heng قال:

    Thanks teacher for teach me.

  26. Hola veci mmm me hace el favor y me fia una clasecita 01800-llamame thx sorry for my bad spanish baiwi

  27. Hiii miss emma I'm still cofuse using some&any.oh yeah why that answer number two some because if any to being anymore in indonesia lagi but in indonesia nothing +-okay emma you're great

  28. I missed you a very nice lesson. Thank you very much my favorite teacher😉😉😉😉Emmma big love for you😉😉

  29. Hi Emma, I didn't understand why you used "any" in the example of the apples. It was an affirmative phrase with a constable substantive. Could you please explain it ? Thanks a lot

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