Learn Camtasia Studio 9 | Lesson 10 ( How To Use TimeLine in Camtasia 9 ) in Urdu / Hindi

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Learn Camtasia Studio 9 | Lesson 10 ( How To Use TimeLine in Camtasia 9 ) in Urdu / Hindi

☑️In This Section We Will Learn Camtasia Studio 9 Complete Course Step By Step With Urdu/Hindi Language.
☑️In This Video We’ll Learn Time Line & its Properties.

Most video writing code recently contains a non-linear timeline editor or generally referred to as associate NLE (nonlinear editor). this is often the a part of the code that permits you to feature media, cut it, arrange, regulate it – primarily manipulate the components the video, thus it’s, sounds, and feels the approach you would like it. The nonlinear half implies that you don’t have to be compelled to place the media onto the timeline in linear or serialorder. If you wished, you’ll add the last clip, then a middle clip, then relief between, before adding the start media.

There square measure many parts of a video writing timeline you ought to bear in mind of:

A) Timeline. It’s referred to as a timeline as a result of the varied items of video are lined up horizontally, with footage on the left displaying before footage on the correct. Usually, the timeline can have time code markers indicating the placement of every frame.

B) Tracks. typically stacked vertically, providing multiple items of media (both audio and visual) to be value-addedto your video. In most writing programs, visual things on the upper tracks can seem on high, in what’s referred to as the z-order (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-order).

C) Media. The media sits on the timeline and might be created of video, audio, text, images, etc. These square measure the weather of your video.

D) Playhead. The playhead depicts wherever within the video you’re previewing. The playhead is a vital part to create certain you’re writing the proper a part of your video.

Depending on your video editor, there square measure alternative functions that may assist you along with yourvideo writing. These may embrace tools for cutting, splitting, zooming sure an in depth read of your timeline, track locks and a lot of. If you’re not acquainted with your software’s writing timeline, it’s price taking some minutes to induce acquainted with its functions. a fast tip for once you’re learning a replacement piece code is to hover your mouse over the tool you’re curious regarding. Usually, a tool tip can seem providing you with the name of the tool, thus you’ll simply analysis what it will and the way it works.

Workflow for writing with a Video Timeline

There square measure many ways you’ll approach writing video, and you ought to verify what works best for you. the subsequent square measure suggestions to assist you start, however as you get comfy along with your writingprogress, be at liberty to create changes.

1) Gather all of the footage that you just assume you may wish to use in your video. unsure if you would likesomething? It’s okay to assemble it, thus it’s at the prepared.

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