Norway v Australia – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

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Norway v Australia – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

Norway advanced to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ quarter-finals after a penalty shoot-out win against Australia.

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‫45 تعليقات

‫45 تعليقات

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  1. tran hau قال:

    Female referees are stricter than male referees.

  2. I don't care who wins the world cup as long as USA loses.

  3. Samantha Kerr U are the Real Star in this Australian Women's team

  4. Luar biasa pertandingan yg menegangkan 👍👍👍

  5. Rian Cool قال:

    I loved Norway woman… Very beautifull

  6. Lexa قال:

    Meilleur match que j'ai vu dans un stade !!!!

  7. its beyond me why coaches dont change there players , young fresh legs and eager to play gone to waist , the matildas that is . but you can find that in a lot of games played .

  8. Samantha Kerr 🇳🇿😍😍

  9. Thu 27 June 2019 wwcup I hope my 🇳🇴Norway 🇳🇴wins tonight against the Anglais…….🇳🇴Norge….🇳🇴Sterkere 🇳🇴Sammen🇳🇴……🇳🇴

  10. Zip Zenac قال:

    I would have felt sorry for the Matildas if only they weren't so up themselves in the lead up to the tournament. Being brought back to reality by not even making the quarter finals will do them good for the next time around.

  11. Norway were magnificent, but were fortunate not to receive a red card. Feel terrible for Kerr.💔💔😭😭Penalty shootouts can be really cruel.

  12. Love for norway from oman and i love every thing in this country including its name and football teams .
    goodluck for australia and samantha kerr is the best player in this tournament

  13. John-boy قال:

    Great save on that penalty kick

  14. Gonna be Americans and Europe.. all Asian Oceania. Sadly out.. but the play well

  15. hypnocil10 قال:

    SAM Kerr is a disgrace , how coul;d you miss that penalty

  16. Drake Lee قال:

    Straight red??? Ok then

  17. 다임 قال:

    노르웨이가 이겨서 썩 좋지는 않네

  18. E allora diciamolo tutti inseme ..4 volte siamo campioni del mondo

  19. No Ada
    No Problemo.
    Great match! Good game too for both teams!
    Heads Up For Aussie Squad!💪
    Greets from Indonesia🇮🇩

  20. Felipe A. قال:

    great game, that red card tho

  21. Jason Ly قال:

    Oldiest Cha cha

  22. Yes! Yes! Yes! Was on the edge of my seat. Congrats, Norway.

  23. AceVibes قال:

    Red card, wait what did i miss? Wheres the replay?

  24. I am enjoying this women world cup. it's so interesting

  25. wizztizzlm قال:

    Grand. Too bad they got Aused.

  26. Norway are going to raid your lionesses in the old Norse tradition… no prisoners, Wilhelm…

  27. ta قال:

    Husband : I have a conference, so can I get home late?
    Her : No, if you 're home late ,i'll kick you like a ball

  28. What a poor level…. kids play better…

  29. fdsfff قال:


  30. ODGaming قال:

    Honestly, no offense to Australia, but Norway deserved to win that game

  31. L'Australie aurais du gagner 🤷🏽‍♀️

  32. Soy un argentino viajando por el mundo, si se suscriben a mi canal, además de ver mis vídeos me van a ayudar a que siga viajando!! Muchas gracias!!!!

  33. The Scandinavian teams 🇳🇴🇸🇪are always the hardest to beat and they play hard. Always giving teams like USA, Australia, England, Canada a run for their money. Well deserved win for Norway 🇳🇴 congrats!!

  34. Kerr was offside versus Brazil and Matildas needed refs helping them against the better teams that are not third-world countries, even Brazil

  35. Im sure Norway will win the world cup🇳🇴

  36. Didou قال:

    Australia deserved for their energy to the last second to score before penalty time, Norways was declining in the end. Beautiful corner goal anyway !

  37. Congrats Norway!!! And well done to Australia, both played very well

  38. kaya1209 قال:

    경기 거의 다 봤는데, 심판 판정 몇개는 납득이 안된다.

  39. Congratulations Norway! From Finland 💟💟💟

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