OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 2 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 2 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Oklahoma City OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers- Game 2 – Full Game Highlights | April 16, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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‫50 تعليقات

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  2. Eungul Cho قال:

    Lenard doesn't seem to have smart basketball iq

  3. Great game… great shot… great for fans. But, I gotta call bullsh*t bullsh*t. That "James Hardin" step back is illegal as hell… traveling, up and down, double dribble, walking, whatever you want to call it, that was f*cking bullsh*t (watch Lebron take four or five steps once he picks up his dribble… consistently. But nothing surprises me out of the NBA anymore. Blatant rules violations have been going on for decades. "Pussified" NBA, "pussified" NFL… NBA refs purposely don't call games correctly in leu of more offense (nobody plays defense anymore anyway), and the NFL defenses are so "hamstrung," they may as well not even go on the field because of the current rules the NFL has instituted. Damn "pussified" bullsh*t… out of both of em. Fake savagery crap.

  4. Everyone is happy they don't have to deal with LeBron in the playoffs

  5. fuck lilard n the SG Lit them UP.. sheesh

  6. What’s the song of the intro with the publicity for sport caze ???????? Please !!

  7. Fox250R قال:

    Okc losing to a team who has Meyers Leonard coming off their bench lol! Classic

  8. I hope the Blazers win the series, but if the Thunder shoot the lights out the rest of the series like in game 3, I can’t see the Blazers pulling it out. They need Lillard and McCollum to combine for 50 every game, and the bench needs to contribute more. They overachieved in game 2.

  9. Steven Adams uses a slight bit of his Aquaman powers at 6:22

  10. Jahmari 9 قال:

    Who peeped Westbrook’s travel in the beginning 🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. Navi Brand قال:

    Drake curse taking effect

  12. Yeah baby! Its Long Beach vs East Oakland! Hell yeah. 👏👏👏👏👍✌

  13. Jasil Hill قال:

    Drake cursed the blazers

  14. DJ Elliott قال:

    Do people realize this team had Westbrook, Harden, Durant and screwed it up. Everytime I think about it I'm shock. Than James Harden was actually happy coming off the bench. Thunder let Harden walk over 4 million dollars. This team never deserves to win anything after that.

  15. roger peet قال:

    I'm glad Portland won. I really hope they make it to the 2nd round.

  16. Westbrook < Lillard
    Playoff Lillard > Playoff Westbrook

  17. OKC has the biggest cry babies as fans. Plus the worst owner in the NBA. Fitting.

  18. Commentator sounds like DC with a high pitched voice.

  19. Stop with triple doubles nonsense. it has no bearing on wins. Westbrook good God man

  20. Dam lillard is the most underrated player and terry stotts is the most underrated coach

  21. Steven Adams would average 20 and 20 if he wasn't held back by Russ.

  22. Lillard and McCollum doing damage to OKC

  23. TU nguyen قال:

    no big man

  24. Describe OKC
    OKC=a joke and a team that keeps jacking up 3s
    Russel Westbrook= stat padding his way to first round exit
    Paul George= playoff P? Also a joke

  25. Reddit قال:

    First, Westbrook is overrated . Second, haters gonna comment here. Third, people who think I am correct about Westbrook will like this.

  26. Am I the only only one to notice damien lillard did the identical move 2 pocessions in a row

  27. oliver g قال:

    the curry kid is good. separated the teams with his 3 threes,

  28. Ya'll hyped up just because you win 2 straight home games and it's not even a blowout despite of PG coming back from an injury


  30. Rick Rude قال:

    Russell really is terrible , all that triple double shit and still can't fix that broke ass shot .. 🙄🙄 blazers in 5 .

  31. Be Eazy قال:

    IDK. OKC just doesn't seem serious man. SMH. Sad but true. Mabye the energy will change when they get home….. I hope!!!

  32. Ash qelon قال:

    OKC tall guy was pretty good.
    They are nothing to sneeze at.
    I think this is a good match up.
    Friday will be a pivotal game.

  33. That Adams tip was awesome. Great series. CJ and Adams should be All stars.

  34. MART قال:

    still cant believe Burton is not on playoff rotation westbrook play is easy to read fire Billy!!!

  35. Ongino قال:

    Paul George missing again :/

  36. Westbrook is a mediocre player, an incompetent. Schroder must play in the basic quintet.

  37. My goodness OKC. Just my goodness… Never title. SMH. Blazers are TOP notch team. And imagine them with Nurkic. They would be even stronger, tougher than this. Even the potential trouble for GSW and Rockets.

  38. HAHAHA Number 12! Aquaman trying to hide his identity by calling himself Adams and playing in the NBA on TNT. Good luck keeping that secret from your enemies! lol!

  39. Russell does not play defense!

  40. JussaV6 قال:

    Commentators who can’t show appreciation for the art of basketball fucking suck lol. It’s just boring in general to listen too

  41. JussaV6 قال:

    Hate when he announcers are biased little but nuggets

  42. 2 times okc shotdown ,,whats wrong always fuck up play off man,,,

  43. Westbrook is doomed with okc he will never see the finals again

  44. Air Plane قال:

    Did he get a quadruple quadruple

  45. FaTe RAW قال:

    Why these thumbnails show Dame Dolla $ so Angry? I mean it really should be Steven Adams who’s Angry lol

  46. They need Kevin Durant back in okc please come back Durant we miss you in Oklahoma I hope you reads this Kevin Durant

  47. Okoli Ryan قال:

    Anyone else hearing an over enthusiastic woman screaming whenever blazers scores?

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