SportsCenter Special | Mel and Todd's Mock Draft – NFL Mock Draft Live 04/18/2019

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SportsCenter Special | Mel and Todd's Mock Draft – NFL Mock Draft Live 04/18/2019

SportsCenter Special | Mel and Todd’s Mock Draft – NFL Mock Draft Live 04/18/2019 | SportsCenter | ESPN SC
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‫47 تعليقات

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  1. Harry Lime قال:

    Turn that live music off during the picks… Who is the genius that came up with the idea of having a live band at the NFL draft?? My wife and I were in a sports bar having dinner watching the beginning of the pic, and even the sports bar turned the sound way down because of that noise. I didn’t turn the sound all the way off, so we left…Now I am watching the show at home, with the sound all the way down

  2. Giants fans you better draft a QB or you will suffer for years to come Eli don't care about the team to get better he's getting paid so draft Dewayne Haskins.

  3. Y’all are high for saying that the Vikings are picking up a D lineman…

  4. Bosa going be a bust like his brother . He isn’t going to splash in the NFL

  5. I can't believe this! Either this group doesn't watch but two teams in the NFL or they just have strong biases towards the good ones. No way you get to pick 19 for the hosting team of the draft and you put a Cornerback! What season of football did you watch last season. Absurd!!!!

  6. Mel is either drunk 😵 or crazy 😜…Packers #12 pick a Gaurd in the first rd lmfao!!! TE in Noah or Tackle that we desperately need…

  7. Jets on that 3rd pick we need savage allen omg he's everything we need.

  8. BAB قال:

    A CB for Tennessee wtf? Is this guy on drugs?

  9. Kid Savage قال:

    If metcalf dropped to my eagles at 25 and we dont take him im gonna lose my shit if we dont take him😤

  10. I hope the Jags pick Hockenson

  11. WIll Kyler last 16 games behind that line?
    I think not

  12. new england is not taking a qb, either a defense lineman or a wide reciever.

  13. Cobra 898 قال:

    Packers don’t need WR’s 🤦‍♂️

  14. Zerpician قال:

    I'd be pissed if my team takes a TE @ 7.

  15. 30:49 does this fool realize they already had the giants taking haskins at 6?

    What a dunce.

  16. ESPN is the F*^%^$G worst….how does Todd Mcshay have a job. Don't get me started on Kiper….

  17. So we get to the 17th pick with the Giants on the clock and Todd says the quarterbacks are off the board and I know they were talking Daniel Jones, although he had the Giants draft a quarterback with their 6th pick.

  18. Aaron Fox قال:

    Why would Miami draft a qb first round? They need to get at least two starting linemen. Without that, they might as well have kept tannehill. No one will survive behind that line right now. Not a smart pick.

  19. Reese قال:


  20. Tjay D قال:

    Spoken as a person who wants to see things done that make sense.. giants please draft Haskins. Stop bullshitting and draft Haskins. I don’t care a single fuck about the giants but even I’m frustrated watching so go out there.

  21. TE isn't as much of a need on the Packers as is a pass rusher. It would have been better to draft OLB Clelin Ferrell at #12 and then get their OT or G at #30, like Lindstrom. A TE can be had later on… like Josh Oliver. I don't care how good Fant is… the defense can't continue to give up over 380 yds every year.

  22. As soon as I saw two offensive players to the Giants when we need defense I said bye to this vid. Oh and one of them dislikes from me.

  23. Seeing/hearing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "obviously" and other
    words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on facebook
    @ColePhoenixWolvesforHire. Allegedly.

  24. Yeah I didn't do the Ravens mark draft over the Raven y'all be cold hearted

  25. VEGA قال:

    As a Bengals fan… I really hope both Devins & Oliver are all gone by 11..

  26. Tony Scar قال:

    Bills should trade back and get metcalf late first round. Their defense was a top 5 unit last year. It’s time to get josh Allen some weapons

  27. 32 32 قال:

    Too small for me👎🏾

  28. I really don’t understand the hype on Murray at #1 yeah he’s good and athletic but he’s a big risk at #1 plus the cardinals have a QB to build around. your probably not that good of a coach if you can’t adapt your scheme to fit the players skills, this mock is also cancer

  29. Okay well now I know where players aren’t going…

  30. Damn homegirl looking good 🙂

  31. Mr. Mo قال:

    Where the fuck is pick 22

  32. What happened to picks 20-22???? Lmao

  33. Brit NFL قال:

    Think there’s gonna be some trade up¡

  34. Zeremy 92 قال:

    Mel Kiper is wrong ever year. Why does anyone even care what he has to say?

  35. cthao559 قال:

    Clayton Thorson or Will Grier will be NFL QB studs

  36. Ryan Platt قال:

    in the 4-3 pass rush comes from the middle – not the edge, genius

  37. WTF is wrong with you fletcher cox is the Eagles best player at 28 why the fuck will they take another one. ok, what's wrong with Michael Bennet he is good as fuck the Eagles need a cornerback like Byron Murphy or DeAndre hunter. greedy is not gonna be around for them to pick up . but I personally like Byron Murphy.

  38. Metkalf and T.Y would be a crazy combo

  39. The colts take greedy Williams over DK 😴🤮

  40. lion55 قال:

    Buc trade up for 49ers 2nd for their 5th to get Kyle murray

  41. Dlotv615 قال:

    Bra I’m done 🤦🏽‍♂️ this mf got the titans picking a cornerback 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ wtf?

  42. Dlotv615 قال:

    Lol y tf would the redskins get a WR n they don’t even know about the qb situation yet

  43. Thank u for drafting Sweat to the Lions Kipler, cause what ends up happening is the exact opposite of what u predict and my Lions dont need that overrated piece of garbage.

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