Waratahs v Crusaders| Super Rugby 2019 Rd 6 Highlights

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Waratahs v Crusaders| Super Rugby 2019 Rd 6 Highlights

Waratahs v Crusaders| Super Rugby 2019 Rd 6 Highlights
The Crusaders winning streak comes to an end with a loss to the Waratahs in Sydney. The home side earning a 20-12 victory in an emotional game.
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‫23 تعليقات

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  1. sambozauk قال:

    Pretty weak defense from the Crusaders on occasion. I mean really, losing to the Waratahs?.

    I guess had to lose sooner or later. Different league to Waratahs though the Crusaders in reality.

  2. John Lal قال:

    congrats waratahs!

  3. That was just embrassasing from us

  4. Alpa Chino قال:

    I love when the Waratahs win. My second team after Ospreys.

  5. alan B قال:

    This is what the wallabies should be doing. Just cross field kick it to folou all day. Even if he only wins it 50% of the time your still going to a score tries.

  6. DavSav93 قال:

    Mo'unga and Jordan need to start

  7. Poor performance by the crusaders this week. No plays at all. There was just no click in the team. Second half, half back replacement was poor. Slow and indecisive at the breakdowns.

  8. Dal Nuu قال:

    Lucky betch 🙄

  9. Look at the waratrahs player chasing back at 3:19 hahaha

  10. Warathas gun down the saders

  11. Great victory Waratahs… With the right and necessary.

  12. Is it just me or has the level of Aussie rugby stepped up this year. Just hope that Chieka can build on this.

  13. g davies قال:

    Don’t worry boys. Bounce back and come back stronger next week

  14. Great win for Warathas (and so glad 4 aussie rugby), but Crusaders seemed to be still stunned by what has happened in their country. Am I wrong?

  15. 995sean قال:

    Taufua and Todd, that was a pathetic tackle attempt on Holloway.

  16. The Crusaders don’t look the same. I don’t know if the Christchurch shooting is still in their head and got them distracted but they got to go focus on good rugby and go win for the city.

  17. Well done tahs im a big fan from Argentina since mat rogers

  18. Excellent use of up and under by the waratahs

  19. THANKS NSW, from everybody else.

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