Wheels on the Bus! Songs for Children – Baby Music Videos 👶 Kids Nursery Rhymes

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Wheels on the Bus! Songs for Children – Baby Music Videos 👶 Kids Nursery Rhymes

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‫30 تعليقات

‫30 تعليقات

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  1. My baby likes to listen to this song… thanks

  2. stop wasting your life watching this crap its for babies

  3. Morgan 10 قال:

    Thiz made me fell like baby

  4. Morgan 10 قال:

    Am letting my baby watch this

  5. Crystal قال:

    Its 2:35 am and im watching this because this is the only thing that actually entertains me

  6. Nice video you should check out mines👍🏼

  7. Does this really say twinkle twinkle all damn night???

  8. AMW قال:

    my 2 year old can't get enough of this

  9. Why this dude’s wheel so short

  10. My little baby brother was screaming and started dancing along to this song

  11. This is great my sis loves this she is dansing around and eavrything

  12. this iz not for babys this has kissing u idiot

  13. This is so stupid and idiotic

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