Zoo Animals for Kids – Videos and Sounds of Wild Animals at the Zoo for Children to Learn

Zoo Animals for Kids – Videos and Sounds of Wild Animals at the Zoo for Children to Learn

Zoo Animals for Kids. Here is a compilation of videos and sounds of wild animals at the zoo for children to learn. You don’t have to go to a zoo to teach wild animals for kids. Kiddopedia team prepared this education video to teach kids zoo animal sounds. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for kids → https://goo.gl/O1jdcO

Babies and children at the preschool or kindergarten love animals. They are very eager to learn sounds of wild animals. Different wild animals can be found at the zoos. Big zoos having a large variety of wild animal species are not very common. Not every family has the chance to go to a zoo to see and learn wild zoo animals. This educational video for children is an excellent resource for learning animals and their sounds with videos.

We have included the names of the animals in English and 14 different languages for the best learning experience. Please give this video a like and comment, if you find it useful.

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Zoo animals list:
Panda 0:09
Lion 0:29
Giraffe 0:49
Tiger 1:09
Polar Bear 1:29
Hippopotamus 1:49
Gorilla 2:09
Wolf 2:29
Lemur 2:49
Chimpanzee 3:09
Rhinoceros 3:29
Owl 3:49
Meerkat 4:09
Kangaroo 4:29
Orangutan 4:49
Elephant 5:09
Ostrich 5:29
Moose 5:49
Sea lion 6:09
Koala 6:29
Cheetah 6:49
Camel 7:09
Peacock 7:29
Crocodile 7:49
Penguin 8:09
Bonobo 8:29
Leopard 8:49
Tapir 9:09
Muskox 9:29
Zebra 9:49
Snow Leopard 10:09
Otter 10:29
Baboon 10:49
Seal 11:09
Jaguar 11:29
Capybara 11:49
Fox 12:09
Sloth 12:29
Chameleon 12:49
Anteater 13:09
Wombat 13:29
Tasmanian Devil 13:49
Bearcat 14:09
Spider Monkey 14:29
Grizzly Bear 14:49
Lynx 15:09
African Buffalo 15:29
Gazelle 15:49
Cougar 16:09
Hyena 16:29

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Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100249
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Video Credits:
See here for a list of videos used for this compilation → http://kiddopedia.net/credits-zoo-animals-for-kids/
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